Tips on How to Move Your Furniture

Moving can be a strenuous issue, as some items get lost and others get broken. You could also get yourself injured in the process. At times you don’t even trust the guys assisting you with the moving, and there’s too much moving around, you just feel naked and vulnerable. This whole process is stressful, and this article is going to give you tips on how to reduce the stress and have all your stuff moved and arrive safely at your new house. Another great read on this is on a UK government website – see what they have to say about moving house safely.
1.    Organize yourself
You should organize yourself, set the moving date and have everything planned out. Get the right equipment to help you package everything before the big day to avoid rushing over things, which is what usually contributes to the stress during the moving period. During this period where you are organizing yourself, get the tools that you need, as your moving crew might not really know what they need,or might be missing some. If you are moving detachables like a bed, you should open it and have all the screws stored safely.

2.    Take your time
You should take ample time to plan out what goes where, get boxes that will fit all that you need to move, and basically ensure you are psychologically prepared for the move.

3.    Packing breakables
When packing items that can break, for example detachable legs and arms, or tables with glass tops, you should wrap them with blankets, to prevent breakages. You do not want instances where you arrive at your new house or office and you have to buy some pieces for your furniture, which might not fit or would even look different on your furniture. It would not be a pretty sight.

4.    Water protection
You should ensure that your furniture is well protected from water from whatever source. You should get polythene wraps that properly fit all of your furniture.

5.    Moving
When moving your furniture, get moving pads, where you place your heavy furniture on a pad to prevent it from breaking or damaging the floor. Drag the moving pad slowly, ensuring you do not pull too fast and drop the item, and that all corners are safe from the walls where they could get hit and broken. For the not so heavy furniture, you should have enough people lifting it. Have another person managing the moving as the lifters could not be seeing each other and communication could be inhibited. This will ensure that they do not go stumbling into walls or corners, and the person coordinating the move will ensure that all doors will be opened by the time the movers reach there.

For furniture that needs to be moved down or up stairs, it is advisable that you get racks that will help manage the move. Where you have to use racks, get enough ropes to properly hold the furniture as it is dropped or pulled up. You should also ensure you have enough man power for the task.

6.    Securing corners
Furniture with sharp corners will need to be properly taken care of to prevent it from to prevent it from chipping. It is advisable that you place magazines or hard paper on those corners to protect the furniture and the walls it comes across as the furniture could also be a threat to the walls.

7.    Use cranes
You should use cranes for handling heavy furniture to load and unload it in the moving trucks. It is best to be safe and get the crane, than to assume that the moving crew can handle the job, only for them to break your precious furniture.  Once in the truck ensure that the furniture is properly strapped in to prevent it from rocking sideways and breaking the furniture. Ensure than it is properly packaged to prevent other pieces like tables from ruining the leather couch.

8.    Experienced crew
The people moving your furniture should be people that have done it before and properly know how to lift heavy stuff. One transport company recommends that you only use professionals because of the danger involved. You can learn more about this removalists on their Facebook Page. Lifting heavy things has its technique and for people who do not understand it, they may injure themselves or destroy your property.

Once broken, you cannot fully get back your furniture. It is important that you get your furniture moved in the right manner. Get moving crews that have good references and experience to do the job for you and you can rest easy.

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